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National Rules

The National Rules govern on a National level.  National Rules will be used for all National Tournaments.  When playing in State events (Florida or out of State) Local Rules may vary.  Teams are also required to carry a copy of the National Rules with them at events and required for check in.

Florida Policies and Procedures

Florida Policies and Procedures govern tournaments/events of the Florida Championship Series.  These rules supersede the National Rules.  A copy of the Policies and Procedures must be kept in your team book at all times and are required for team check in.  Teams will be held accountable for knowing the rules.


Florida Tournament Check-In Information

Your team is required to check in at every event


All Coaches MUST pass a background check prior to coaching in a game.  You will not be able to turn applications in at check in and get a pass for the weekend. 


You MUST have a copy of your official roster
printed off of the site.
This does not include hand written rosters or any other typed roster.
The roster MUST be printed off US Amateur Basketball national site.  This is mandatory to play.

Every team MUST have a signed copy of our Florida Policies and Procedures as well as a signed copy of the National Rules in their team book.  Visit Rules section to print your copy or each.

You MUST have for every player:

Birth Certificate
Report Card
Current Picture

Any player missing any one of the requirements will not be able to play.

Any teams not showing up to check-in, during the check-in times will forfeit all games.

All coaches MUST be a member of the ACA. If you do not have your card you will not be allowed to sit on the bench.

Players must accompany their coach to check-in at the first tournament of the year they participate in and at the state and national tournaments.

Double Check to be sure you have everything

1. Official US Amateur Basketball “Printable” Roster
2. Signed Copy of the Florida Policies and Procedures
3. Signed Copy of National Rules

4. Birth Certificates for every player
5. Grade/Report Cards for every player
6. Current Pictures for every player
7. ACA cards (Florida Events Only, not needed for Nationals)